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Alternator & Starter Rebuilds

Alternator & Starter Rebuilds in Bay City, TX

Turn your failing alternator or starter around for less money, or buy a replacement. Talk with our professionals about rebuilding today. Since 1978, we've been helping drivers stay on the road with honest service. Our specialty is in our name. Presley's Alternator & Starter is your source for quality work and timely service. We have years of rebuilding experience.

See us for new or rebuilt alternators and starters. You can choose from our current inventory or have us rebuild your current component. We also provide repair and maintenance services. Our team proudly serves drivers across Bay City, TX, Old Ocean, TX, Elmaton, TX, and surrounding areas.

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About Alternators & Starters

You probably won't give a lot of thought to your alternator or starter until you have a problem. With or without your daily affection, these two components play an important role in the day-to-day operation of your vehicle. Your alternator is responsible for charging the battery and powering the electrical system while your engine is running. Signs of car alternator problems include a warning light that disappears quickly, dim headlights, and flickering gauges.

Your starter is an electrical motor attached to the battery. It's responsible for putting the engine in motion once you turn the key. If you're having trouble turning your engine over, then you have a starter problem.

Why Rebuild?

Rebuilding your alternator or starter may be the best option for a few reasons:

  • Rebuilt alternators and starters are less expensive than new ones
  • Rebuilt alternators and starters retain working components, meaning only what needs to be replaced is replaced; this is useful since most of today's alternators and starters have components that are very long lasting

We can supply you with a quality rebuild from our inventory, or we can work on your own. We also have brand new alternators and starters in stock. As always, the best option varies by driver. We encourage you to talk with our team about any questions or concerns you have with rebuilding vs buying new. Call (979) 245-1382 to get started.

Alternators & Starter Services

We also provide associated automotive services. Contact us about any of the following today:

Make Presley's Alternator & Starter your go-to automotive service center that next time you need to take care of your vehicle. Contact our Bay City auto repair shop if your alternator or starter malfunctions or dies. You have options. Speak with us about any questions or concerns, or schedule your service today.

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